Anonymous said: You are so fashionable. On scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Boston?

Aw thanks :) I think I’ll give it an 8-9. Boston is a really beautiful old city. A lot of places look really historical. Subways really worn down though. Lots of good food and what more can you ask for, no tax on clothes and alcohol. Lol. But, Winter isn’t here yet, I might change my mind when it arrives.

Last weekend we visited Quincy Market then strolled around by the harbor. Boston really is a beautiful city.  

Last weekend we visited Quincy Market then strolled around by the harbor. Boston really is a beautiful city.  

Anonymous said: I guess now you just drive to see your family in Canada?

No wayy. Driving takes 8 hours.  Unless, I have a lot of things to move it won’t be the method of transportation.  Flying is way easier just an hr and a half.  I’ve just visited in August, so the next time I’ll visit again is Feb to surprise my mom for her birthday! :)  

Anonymous said: How long will you guys stay in Boston?

Not sure yet. DG is doing his phd so for sure the next five years. After he’s done, I don’t know where we will be.

Anonymous said: You guys look great.

Thank you😘

Wedding Reception in Toronto

So, we had our wedding celebration in Toronto on August 15th.  It wasn’t anything special just small and more for my parent’s friends than mine.  It was Chinese style because my parents wanted the ten course Chinese meal for family and friends. Overall it was really simple, just some speeches and a fun night. I used the Korean teddy bears in hanbok as wedding favors and think it worked out well. The guest seemed to love it! Here are some pics. Enjoy~






Three more weeks till some sun with my girls!  Can’t wait!!!!

Three more weeks till some sun with my girls! Can’t wait!!!!

Life in Boston (its a pretty boring read)

Okay, it’s been long enough.  I think it’s time for an update. Believe it or not time flies by quicker than ever.  I don’t miss working at all but that’s maybe because I’m still in my honeymoon phase and it hasn’t kicked in.  Ive already been here for 5 weeks, I think 5 years will just fly right? hahaha. 
TBH, I can’t say much about this city yet because I have yet to be adventurous.  My life revolves around campus but I got to say it’s a pretty nice one.  I live 2 mins walk away from the T (subway) and charles river is just beside our apartment.  So I was quite amused by the view.  
During our first two weeks we were busy buying furniture and settling in. Our place was empty; only a stove and fridge.  But now it’s pretty much furnished.  We basically went to ikea for everything.  I got to say furniture shopping is one of my favs.  
Hubs only has about 15 hrs of class every week.  So, in the beginning I thought I was spending way too much time with him.  He refused to have meals with his classmates because he felt bad for leaving me on my own. I’ve been trying to convince him that it’s totally fine and took the first move by ditching him for meals. hahhaa. Now, the school year is getting busy and he has tests so he spends a lot of time in the library. YAHHH! I really like having free time for myself. And this is how I usually spend my day.  I signed up for a lot of classes like yoga, Pilates, cooking and kick boxing.  Hubs helped my sign up for korean class. (-.-” how considerate of him).  I swim about three times a week and the remaining free time I go out for coffee with other house wives.  There’s actually a pretty big MIT spouse and partner group.  Who would have thought I’d be meeting people from all over the world in the states.  BUT yes, it’s happening and they are all really nice people with nothing to do like me. hahahhaa so we spend a lot of time together shopping, drinking eating and I almost forgot grocery shopping. 

and yes, that’s about it. 

Anonymous said: no more updates?

Hahaha sorry. Will update soon:).

Anonymous said: Hope you guys are doing well.

Thanks! we’ve been doing really well but still busy buying things and furnishing our  place.